Plantation Shutters


The Trusted Suppliers of Plantation Shutters on the Central Coast, NSW

Backed by many years in the industry, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier who maintains a focus on only offering the highest quality products for our valued customers. Whether for a commercial or domestic property, our plantation shutters are not only sought after on the Central Coast, but throughout NSW.

This is due to the unmatched level of workmanship and various quality control measures we implement in the design of our exceptional products. We understand that the reliability of our products reflects upon us as a brand, which is why we never aim to cut corners and only offer our clients the very best in shutter solutions.

Our plantation styled shutters come in a variety of options to choose from

Plantation shutters are the latest addition we have made to our already impressive selection of industry leading products. They come in three different categories i.e. Woodlore, Normandy and Woodbury styles. They have the performance unmatched in the shutter industry. Our experts are always more than happy to discuss which variation would be most appropriate for your property and will gladly offer a design consultation. Regardless of your window, or door shape and size, we will have the shutter range to accommodate your specific requirements.

Why you should invest in plantation shutters for your NSW property

Our plantation range of shutters offer a versatile addition to any property. As the individual slats can be adjusted easily to rest at various angles, users are able to encourage air flow, whilst filtering out sunlight and thus, keeping the interior space cool. This is especially beneficial during hot summer months when blinds or curtains simply don’t cut it when it comes to keeping the heat from leeching into your home.

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Please check the three categories of these shutters under the Plantation series: