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Australian Made Aluminium Plantation Shutters


The Trusted Suppliers of Australian Made Aluminium Plantation Shutters on the Central Coast, NSW

Backed by many years in the industry, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier who maintains a focus on only offering the highest quality products for our valued customers. Whether for a commercial or domestic property, our plantation shutters are not only sought after on the Central Coast, but throughout NSW.

Why you should invest in plantation shutters for your NSW property?

Our plantation range of shutters offer a versatile addition to any property. As the individual slats can be adjusted easily to rest at various angles, users are able to encourage air flow, whilst filtering out sunlight and thus, keeping the interior space cool. This is especially beneficial during hot summer months when blinds or curtains simply don’t cut it when it comes to keeping the heat from leeching into your home. Plantation shutters can be sliding, bi-fold or conventional doors or can be hinged directly onto the window frame therefore not reducing the size of daylight opening of the window.   As they are completely weather proof they can be utilised outdoor to transform your outdoor entertaining area.  We can even fit round plantations or angled plantations.  A key lock can also be installed for extra security.

Benefits of Aluminium over conventional materials.

Generally with wood plantations have a maximum blade width of 750mm. Compared to 1000mm for Aluminium. Meaning you will get a cleaner more visually pleasing shutter without all the fussiness of rods and bars. We can also go higher than wood plantations before a stile is required.

Powder coating is one of the greatest coating ever made. They will not warp, chip, discolour or stain.

Aluminium shutters work with a double hinge if more than two panels are needed. This means no middle T bar is required in the middle of your window.

Our plantations our locally made in Newcastle and all raw aluminium is sourced from Austalian mines only.

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Slide Track By Rollashield (Outdoor Blinds)

Transform your outdoor living space

Instantly transform your space to create a sense of seclusion and sanctuary. You’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors with family and friends.

Proudly Australian designed and manufactured

Offering protection during every season from UV, sun, wind, and rain for year-round outdoor entertaining.

Slidetrack® blinds are custom made to suit your requirements, for a secure and seamless installation.

Shade & Privacy: Slidetrack® SunScreens provide effective shading and screening solutions for commercial and residential applications.

Stylish: Slidetrack® Blinds are designed to be unobtrusive and present clean functional lines. With our wide colour range, our shades will complement the appearance of your property.

Simple Design: One-handed operation with a central locking position means Slidetrack® Blinds Adelaide are a breeze to use. No ropes, pulleys, zippers or straps. The fabric is held in tracks both sides and a sealing strip or valance at the bottom helps keep insects out. Intermediate locking positions are easily provided.

Strong & Durable: The bottom bar is firmly located within the side tracks resulting in a strong design without wear marks. Exposed parts are made from stainless steel and aluminium. And with the screening fabric held securely in the side tracks, there is no need to keep the sheet tightly stretched.



Domestic Shutters


Central Coast’s Leading Domestic Roller Shutters

Are you concerned about the general safety of your family and home? Well this is where investing in professionally designed roller shutters can be immensely beneficial for your domestic property.

Our shutters are designed with quality and longevity in mind

The AR400 series slat is coated before forming, which ensures all metal surfaces are protected from corrosion. The shape of the profile has been designed specifically to suit the domestic shutter market along with many commercial applications.

The slat is roll formed in our Adelaide manufacturing facility to the highest of industry standards. The German built roll forming machine is the most advanced of its type in Australia today, meaning you can expect to receive only the highest quality assurance on every purchase you make with us.

The coating process

The base material has a two-coat system of primer plus topcoat, which is based on a polyurathane/polyamide binder. The polyester is cross-linked with melamine or blocked isocyanate resins and modified with Polyamide to provide the high resistance to abrasion.
*boxing and curtain now also available in Deep Ocean Blue and Woodland Grey

Keep your domestic property on the Central Coast safe with our roller shutters range

Having reliable shutters installed for your home is a good precaution to take to ensure the general security of your premise. As they are designed to be a snug fit for your windows and doors and are designed from durable materials, this will ensure burglars are deterred from attempting to break in.

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Cyclone Shutters

Using the remarkable characteristics of the AR400 HDF slat profile as detailed in Information Bulletin 035, OZ Roll has been able to develop the Super Shutter Series. This shutter has been specifically designed for increased strength and security for commercial applications through to domestic, high wind or high-risk applications.

This design incorporated the benefits of the High Density Foam with the AR400 HDF product to secure the specially designed restrained slat inserts. These inserts are designed to integrate with the guide section and actually form a positive and structural connection with the guide.

This restraining design considerably increases the force needed to disengage the slat from the guide. The slat may deflect slightly, as is common, however once it reaches a certain point the inserts will act on two flanges shown in the guide and this will reduce the deflection.The Guide has been designed to handle the added forces that the slat will place on it. The wall thickness has been increased and overall engagement has been increased to allow for the restraining insert.

Critical to this concept is the ability to structurally fix the restrained insert into the slat profile and this is possible by using the AR400 HDF slat. Each insert is securely fastened using two 25mm long screws pilot drilled and fixed directly into the High Density Foam of the HDF slat. The inserts are fitted to every alternate slat in the curtain and whilst this may appear to be a time consuming exercise, the results are quite remarkable.

Commercial Shutters


The AE401 is an extruded slat profile ideal for commercial use or where added strength and security is required.
The profile itself has a hollow section and is available in a 40mm curved slat. You will note that the profile has a slight ”V” groove line located on the convex side.

This is the only indentation allowing for a clean and stylish look, whilst retaining some technical function.

Extrusion Details

Aluminium Alloy: 6060 – T5
Estimated Area: 0.864 cm2
Estimated Weight: 0.238 kg/m
Estimated Perimeter: 253.51 mm
Finish Perimeter: 134.48 mm
Exterior Perimeter: 140.52 mm
Dimensional Tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm

Profile Details

Nominal Thickness: 9mm
Cover Size: 40mm
Manufactured Length: 5.8 metres
Quantity of slats per metre high: 25 slats
Weight per square metre: 5.95 kg/ m2
Max recommended span: 4.5 metres
Max recommended sq metres: 11m2

Aluminium Louvre


The Central Coast’s Preferred Suppliers of AUSTRALIAN MADE Aluminium Louvre Shutters

Quality products meets first-rate customer service

We supply and install a 100% Australian Made Louvre Shutters which the best quality on the market. Being both stylish and practical, Elipso 90 Louvre shutters have a wide range of applications and are now highly sought after throughout the commercial and domestic markets alike.

Whilst this product range can be used for a number of different functions, there has always been a strong emphasis on balcony enclosures, room dividers and window protection, where privacy and sun shading is required. Available as a fixed or adjustable blade, these type of louvres can be mounted directly to the facade of a building or supplied within its own framework. Our Louvre Shutter Range is available in any Dulux standard colour range giving you 100’s of choices at NO EXTRA COST!

The right aluminium shutters can actually save you money

Not only do shutters help improve the privacy and security of your home or business, but they can also help you cut down on your energy bills and save you money. During those hotter and colder months when your heater or AC is working overtime to keep the interior of your home at a comfortable level, heat is often leeching through your windows. Whether this be during summer when the heat is seeping inside, or winter, when the much needed heat is leaking outside, it’s forcing your amenities to work harder to keep up with the fluctuating temperatures.

Even if you have curtains or blinds in place, this will not completely prevent the heat from transferring either outside or inside your home. This is where an expertly designed aluminium shutter can help shield your property by covering your windows, doors and balconies. Whilst it is not a complete solution for keeping heat in or out, you might be surprised by the difference it makes in your electricity bill at the end of the month.


Enjoy the versatility of the louvre style, aluminium shutters for your Central Coast home

The adjustable louvre system allows you to control the amount of light and airflow, or have them fully closed and even locked for added security. This gives you the freedom to adjust your shutters in accordance with the current season and corresponding temperature. Perfect for both summer heat and winter chills, you’ll be able to help keep your home warm or cool as desired all year round.

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If you would like to find out more about the rest of our product range, including plantation shutters, or would like a quote on our louvre aluminium shutters available in the Central Coast and the surrounds, call today. You can reach our team on 1300 851 337