Commercial Shutters


The AE401 is an extruded slat profile ideal for commercial use or where added strength and security is required.
The profile itself has a hollow section and is available in a 40mm curved slat. You will note that the profile has a slight ā€Vā€ groove line located on the convex side.

This is the only indentation allowing for a clean and stylish look, whilst retaining some technical function.

Extrusion Details

Aluminium Alloy: 6060 ā€“ T5
Estimated Area: 0.864 cm2
Estimated Weight: 0.238 kg/m
Estimated Perimeter: 253.51 mm
Finish Perimeter: 134.48 mm
Exterior Perimeter: 140.52 mm
Dimensional Tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm

Profile Details

Nominal Thickness: 9mm
Cover Size: 40mm
Manufactured Length: 5.8 metres
Quantity of slats per metre high: 25 slats
Weight per square metre: 5.95 kg/ m2
Max recommended span: 4.5 metres
Max recommended sq metres: 11m2